phellinus mushroom

Mulberry mushroom products are very popular in North America, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, often drink the most beneficial, can treat tumors, have a significant effect on breast cancer. Free samples for you to test What is phellinus mushroom? In Western countries, alternative cancer treatments with nutrient/dietary supplements containing a variety of herbal products are increasing. … Read more

biodegradable food containers manufacturer

Biodegradable food containers manufacturer product in the packaging box Market for the past year. It is very popular in the United States, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Wales. The United States: 14.86%, MY: 8.82%, PH: 7.85%, IN: 7.55%, GB: 5.21%, others: 55.70% biodegradable food container is usually an interesting product; it is always laminated. Material, paper … Read more

eco friendly disposable lunch boxes

Why to be environmentally sustainable, disposable takeaway food containers? Whether you plan “green” family gatherings or store green coffee shops, cafes or catering services, we have a variety of 100% compostable and biodegradable foods and disposable takeaway containers for delicatessen to meet your needs. Our selection of environmentally friendly takeaway containers provides restaurants with green … Read more

Best biodegradable utensils

Best biodegradable utensils products, you are still worried about unfriendly tableware, I tell you that those are harmful, to protect the environment! We offer degradable disposable tableware. As shown in the above figure, we provide a degradable sugar cane bar lunch box, edible adhesive, safe and harmless to the human body, the most important thing … Read more

Biodegradable lunch box

Biodegradable lunch box products. About 30% of them are storage boxes and boxes, 19% are packaging boxes and 9% are tableware.You can choose a variety of biodegradable lunch boxes, such as environmentally friendly, disposable and inventory. You can also choose plastics, bamboo and silica gel. And food, tableware and sundries. And whether the biodegradable lunch … Read more