biodegradable food containers manufacturer

Biodegradable food containers manufacturer product in the packaging box Market for the past year. It is very popular in the United States, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Wales. The United States: 14.86%, MY: 8.82%, PH: 7.85%, IN: 7.55%, GB: 5.21%, others: 55.70% biodegradable food container is usually an interesting product; it is always laminated. Material, paper or plastic; it can be used as coffee, snacks, shopping, gifts, food or crafts, and can add the following recyclable, biodegradable or moisture-proof functions. There are two types of logo, accepting customized logo printing and customer logo.

biodegradable food containers manufacturer
biodegradable food containers manufacturer

Biodegradable food containers, tableware, cups and plates

At ESCOO, that if we claim that food packaging is easier terms of the environment, they indeed easier the environment. Whether using the phrase biodegradable, compostable or , it has become a fashion for all kinds of savage claims. Unfortunately, many immoral companies have not used any evidence to support these claims.

that our green products should belong to one or more of the three R types of sustainable food packaging: reduction, reuse and recycling. Whether it’s our biodegradable plates, cups or containers, if we don’t meet one of these three goals, we won’t market them as green solutions.All products in ESCOO, from containers to cups, can either compost completely or reduce the amount of normal raw resources needed to produce them. Our ESCOO products are completely compostable and 100% natural.

Our ESCOO products are completely compostable. Renewable resources every year. Petrochemical resin sources are not used at all. This series of friendly products includes articulated containers, bowls, plates and tableware.For other food containers and packages belonging to the three sustainability R, be sure to check our containers and supermarket containers.

both of which produced using up to 30% post-consumer recycled ingredients and are #1, roadside recyclable. Also, our ESCOO series microwave oven safe food packaging uses less source material production, so that our packaging is 20% lighter than our competitors.

Provide high quality compostable food packaging as a plastic substitute

Our compostable food service products consist of fast renewable natural fibers and have been validated by non-GMO projects. Today’s consumers hope that healthy packaging will not pollute the earth. This is why ESCOO produces customized containers and pallets of various shapes and styles to meet your requirements and meet your needs. As foamed polystyrene foams are banned in cities all over the country and around the world, our natural biodegradable packaging can help you stay ahead and show you customers you care about. Together, we can help you make healthy choices for smarter businesses and a greener planet. For more information on custom options, please contact us

Food service providers provide a variety of high-quality and reasonably priced environmentally friendly packaging containers, including:

  • Sustainable Food Packaging
  • Compostable and biodegradable food packaging containers
  • Food Packaging of Recycled Components
  • Environmentally friendly takeaway food containers
  • Reusable and Miscellaneous Food Packaging
  • Processor food containers
  • Fiber container
  • Pulp containers

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