Sugarcane food containers

Sugarcane food containers

Sugarcane food containers supplier, mainly located in Asia. The largest suppliers are China (mainland), Taiwan and Antigua and Barbuda, which supply 99%, 1% and 1% of sugarcane food containers, respectively. Sugarcane cane as a material is environmentally friendly, compared with pulp boxes. Sugarcane cane cane flip boxes are more interesting
Sugarcane food containers are most popular in North America, Western Europe and South America.

What is a sustainable disposable cane flip takeaway food container?

Disposable takeout clamshell food containers area unit made up of renewable sugarcane and area unit 100 percent compostable
Compostable sugarcane food containers area unit made up of naturally adult sugarcane and area unit simply reborn naturally back to easy, stable compounds that area unit absorbed back to the system. This method takes solely many months with traditional composting and introduces no toxins into the surroundings.

All of our hinged containers area unit disposable and compostable. they need secure protection systems, area unit durable enough for hold hot or cold food things, and area unit microwave and fridge safe.

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  • Office containers
  • Picnic containers
  • Containers for schools and Colleges
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  • Restaurant containers
  • Household containers
  • Wedding party containers
  • Provide free samples
  • Birthday containers
  • Cafeteria containers
  • Conferences or movable containers

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Sugarcane food container manufacturer

We are sugarcane food container manufacturer. the material for our eco-friendly sugarcane plates is pulp. pulpcould be a by-product from the sugarcane production and is harvested and made in Asia. when the sugar-rich juice is extracted from the sugarcanes, the leftover canes arcollected and was pulp. With the addition of water the pulp is was paste. This paste will then be ironed into any desired type, making plates, bowls and even menu boxes.

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