sugarcane clamshell food container

sugarcane clamshell  container

sugarcane clamshell food container product supplier. The sugar cane bar takeaway box is quite environmentally friendly compared to disposable plastic. It is a degradable ecological product that can be composted and naturally degraded! It is a good choice for restaurant schools!

What is a dsugarcane clamshell food container?

Disposable takeout clamshell food containers square measure made up of renewable sugarcane and square measure 100 percent compostable
Compostable sugarcane food containers square measure made up of naturally big sugarcane and square measure simply reborn naturally back to easy, stable compounds that square measure absorbed back to the scheme. This method takes solely some months with traditional composting and introduces no toxins into the setting.

All of our hinged containers square measure disposable and compostable. they need secure lockup systems, square measure durable enough for hold hot or cold food things, and square measure microwave and electric refrigerator safe.

So if you are looking to ESCOO your coffee bar, cafe, line of work business, or food delivery service, eco-friendly compostable sugarcane food containers square measure a good thanks to start!


Made from 100 percent renewable and rescued resources
Made with sugarcane, a apace natural resources
Soak-Proof versions square measure lined with PLA, a plant-based plastic
Meet ASTM standards for compostability
Grease and cut resistant
Freezer safe


Our sugarcane merchandise square measure made up of a rescued resource that will otherwise are burned.
Our sugarcane merchandise square measure compostable in business compost facilities, however sadly not in your home compost.
Compost may be a good way to enhance very important soil resources and divert waste that will rather be landfilled.
Composting helps divert waste from landfills.

Environmental footprint

Here at ESCOO-Products, we tend to have an interest in fully everything that goes into our product likewise as what’s aiming to happen to them once you ar done victimisation them. we tend to live and track environmental impacts like carbon, energy and water that come in our raw materials, producing, transportation, shipping, and distribution.

What you see here could be a basic breakdown of what makes up our entire carbon footprint.

Sugarcane biodegradable packaging Size

Item Namesugarcane clamshell food eco packaging
MaterialSugarcane bagasse
Weight28 g
MOQ100,000pcs or Negotiable

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