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biodegradable food containers philippines, We are committed to providing competitive packaging solutions and services for catering enterprises, brand coffee shops, tea houses, bakeries, star hotels or business offices. Our products are also sold to trinidad, India to create maximum value for our customers.

Disposable food containers are revolutionary products made from a sugarcane material.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Available microwave oven
  • Avirulent decomposition
  • waterproof
  • Oil proof
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • Ability to withstand temperatures ranging from – 20C to 150C
  • Tangible benefits

Biodegradable take out food containers philippines


We are the sole manufacturer of plastic sheets in Asia, mainly for domes and covers, food containers, cake and sandwich containers, salad dishes and so on. We mainly supply fast food chains all over the world. EPS is a very flexible plastic film that can be molded into different shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs. Plastic board is 100% recyclable. It is crystal clear, with anti-fog coating as its special function.
This is mainly used as a disposable container for food.

Up to now, our company has been widely promoting our PP and PET packaging as well as our cups and bowls to meet the packaging requirements of various places and fast food chains. With its various packaging needs and requirements, we have provided more than 20 years of service to all institutions around the world. We assure you that our products are of high quality. After extensive research and development of packaging, we provide a variety of products to meet the packaging requirements of various enterprises. In special cases, we can also produce specific packaging containers to meet your needs. We can stamp your company logo on your container.

There are many confusions about the difference between biodegradable and compostable bags. What are the main differences?

Biodegradable plastics are made from many different sources and materials. These bags are made of 90% plastic polymers and 10% additives, which are essentially acidic and start eating plastic slowly. After a period of time, the plastic will be cut into small pieces and it will take several years to compost into the soil. Compost bags are made from 100% renewable sources, such as starch-based plastics, which are harvested mainly from wheat, potatoes, rice and corn or other wood pulps. Of the four starches, corn is the most commonly used and cheapest. This is 100% compostable, because sometimes bags are eaten by bacteria in the soil.

Why Choose Our Environmental Paper Packaging


In addition to all other sources of packaging for food materials, paper packaging has also become more popular among many people because they are made entirely of wood or paper, because they are easy to recycle and are not easy to recycle and endanger ecosystems. These are also considered to be the most suitable packaging products for materials such as food or other beverages.
Food packaging, known as food packaging, requires special tampering resistance and special protection to meet biological, physical and chemical needs. Typical food packaging shows complete labeling of food and complete information about food nutrition. As paper packaging becomes more and more important, food packaging becomes very easy to make fruits fresh and healthy.

What are Trinidad’s market strategies for biodegradable food containers?


In our own country, Trinidad and Tobago, solid waste management has been an area of increasing concern in recent years due to the rapid growth of total waste and the increasing proportion of non-biodegradable and hazardous wastes.

Waste. In many countries, the elimination of the use of polystyrene / plastic foam products and other non composting, non biodegradable and non recyclable oil-based food packaging initiatives aims at maximizing the service life of landfills and reducing the cost of waste management in the economic and environmental sectors.

Biodegradable packaging provides solutions for oil-based packaging, which is a responsible and sustainable choice for the national economy, citizens and the environment.

What is Trinidad’s policy on biodegradable materials?

According to available data, more than 1,300 tons of waste arrive at landfills in Trinidad and Tobago every day. Polystyrene foams and other materials are the most common types of materials handled by the residential and industrial sectors. Therefore, on 30 August 2013, Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie, Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development of Trinidad and Tobago, accepted the Ministry’s invitation to participate formally in the CLCPA project and asked that attention be focused on “finding alternative packaging to replace polystyrene produced in the printing and packaging industries of Trinidad and Tobago”. Foam plastic containers.

Whether environmentally friendly food packaging products are popular in Bangalore, India


In daily life, packaging can protect food, preserve food, enhance food, display important information, act as a marketing tool and transport safely. Therefore, good food packaging must be considered in order to eliminate pollution and waste at the end of its “service life”. To achieve this goal, Evirocor launched Oko packaging products in Bangalore, India, which has the environmental advantages of ready-to-eat food enterprises with which it cooperates. This is achieved through the intelligent design and manufacture of corrugated cardboard packaging and other environmentally friendly food packaging products in Bangalore, India.

Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems we are facing today. It affects the environment, health and well-being. Although plastics have many valuable uses, we have relied excessively on disposable or disposable plastics – with serious environmental consequences.

The vast amount of plastic packaging we use escapes the collection system, which means that it eventually blockages our urban streets, pollutes our natural environment, leaks into our oceans, asphyxiates coral reefs and threatens vulnerable marine wildlife. Plastics are used in food packaging, which can pollute and destroy the environment in many unimaginable ways. In order to effectively combat the threat of plastic food packaging, every customer-consumer can insist on reusable, biodegradable food packaging.

Our company’s development direction

A step towards a more environmentally friendly India, philippines, trinidad. We are here to provide green solutions for simpler products used in our daily life and business.
Our product line is made of 100% compostable plant materials. We provide low impact and non-toxic products for your food packaging needs.
Next time you see a foam board on the road, between railroad tracks, on the mountains or anywhere else – just think if you buy green products first, you won’t. Go green and buy less – less waste

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