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biodegradable plastic

biodegradable food containers jamaica, Biodegradable plates and tableware will be made of natural materials, such as sugarcane and corn fibre, which will decompose naturally in the environment or compost within four to six months. When compostable products are decomposed into soil under appropriate environmental conditions, they can actually improve the nutrient content of the soil.

What biodegradable food containers lunch box?


most of the advantage of our biodegradable food containers are extraordinarily long lasting. maximum of our food garage are durable and they’re designed to hold meals secure. Our meals storage additionally, want no maintenance, smooth to easy, and help to shop cash.

We frequently spend masses or more money to buy more nutritious or high excellent nutritious food, however if we do not have the right sort of food storage, we can not be able to maintain them in right condition for long. selecting the proper food storage are important depending at the type of meals. but some thing garage type you pick out, make certain you observe these guidelines. first off, Use square or rectangular meals field in place of spherical one because of it area performance. Secondly, constantly vent boxes before microwaving to allow steam to escape. finally, avoid ceramic boxes. even when they’ve gasket seals, they’re unlikely to maintain air out in view that they’re porous.

these takeaway meals boxes are suitable for use in the office pantry, events, picnic, barbeque, catering, feast and in some other pastime. Our food packing containers available in range of different size and shape including microwave meals packing containers, burger field 500 ml, white paper lunch field, paper tray and plenty of extra for various uses.

biodegradable food containers eco friendly


Compared with traditional packaging, our products are more cost-effective, safer to the environment and more valuable for money.

Our products do not use irritant chemicals. It is safe and non-toxic to humans and ecosystems.

Biodegradable means only things that can be decomposed or decomposed back into the natural environment without causing harm.

No chemical constituents

Our products are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly because they contain only natural ingredients. This means that the product does not contain synthetic chemicals.

Microwave oven heating
Our products can be used in packaged foods that need to be heated in microwave ovens or traditional ovens. It is safe to use and can withstand high temperature.

Can biodegradable food containers degrade?

After about two years of research, we identified a company with chemical additives to make the finished product biodegradable. It allows products to enter the environment and convert them into natural, non-toxic elements through natural degradation – water, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen and some humus materials, just like soil.

Jamaica’s first guide to purchasing degradable containers

Jamaica now offers for the first time biodegradable food containers that can provide alternatives to plastic materials and are environmentally friendly. In addition, this revolutionary development depends entirely on easy-to-grow local agricultural products, such as sugarcane and maize. Biofuels and biodegradable products support the sustainability of national economy and local environment, respectively.

Look carefully at what biodegradable food containers offer. They provide convenience for traditional plastics, paper and foam packaging. The main difference is that they are 100% degradable. This means that they are naturally decomposed into compost and pose no threat to the environment. However, the containers currently sold in Jamaica are strong and rigid, microwave oven and oven friendly, with temperatures as high as 230 C and freezer temperatures as low as -25C.

They are leak-proof, anti-discoloration, waterproof and oil-proof. In addition, they provide good thermal insulation and keep warm, mild and cold food at the required temperature. From an environmental point of view, they can be biodegraded within three months in the soil and compost into organic fertilizer.

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